First Post! Winter Break 2017

This is the first post in what will be a series I try to make every two weeks. So a bit of an introduction is in order.

Hi! My name is Dorian. I really like drawing, painting, and ceramics. I’m more than a little bit obsessed with cats (yes, I’m definitely a crazy cat person). I ride longboards, play lots of League of Legends, and live with my two best friends. I’m about to begin my second semester in the University of Utah’s Entertainment Arts and Engineering program (EAE) as an engineer.


A good friend in my program Utkarsh and I have been spending lots of time brushing up on our C++ and improving the assignments that we had started during this last semester. We’ve also spent some time (over a couple of drinks) talking about capstone games. The way our program is structured, the first semester we do rapid prototypes, 2 – 3 weeks from start to finish. The two games in my portfolio (Destructo-spin and (BASS)teroids) were both made under those time constraints. Anyway, the following three semesters, we separate into larger teams and work on the same game until we graduate and hypothetically publish our comparatively enormous capstone games. Through the prototyping class I’ve got a pretty big list of people I’d be happy working with, so Utkarsh and I are trying to have a pitch ready for the start of the semester to try and win over those people. We don’t have one concrete idea we like yet, but we’re imagining something cooperative and multiplayer. Updates to come.